Featured Authors

Bena Kallick, Ph. D

Bena Kallick, Ph.D is an internationally recognized author and consultant known best for bringing personalized learning with Habits of Mind dynamically into curriculum, instruction, assessment .  Dr. Art Costa, co-author of Habits of Mind books, and she authored many Habits of Mind books that eventually led to the development of the Institute for Habits of Mind. Her most recent books are Students at the Center: Personalized Learning with Habits of Mind, co-authored with Allison Zmuda, ASCD in 2017 and Leading Learning Organizations with Habits of Mind, co-authored with Arthur Costa in 2020. She and Art Costa have an online Institute using the EduPlanet21 platform. 

Dr. Marie Hubley Alcock

Marie Hubley Alcock, Ph.D is a futurist educator and thought leader.  She has authored and co-authored a number of books and resources in the field of education on topics such as; contemporary curriculum design, meaningful assessment practices, questing and engaging instructional practices, the future of education systems and policy, game design in the classroom, virtual interdependent thinking in humans, standards based practices, and education technology in classrooms.  Dr. Alcock has also participated in the foundation of and running of several educational companies and non-profit organizations including Learning Systems Associates which is a national and  international consulting firm and Tomorrow’s Education Network which is a non profit dedicated to promoting classical and contemporary literacy development for students.