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We are thrilled to share what we have been developing for the past year that has been accelerated by the pandemic but work we have been devoted to over the past decades —  developing compelling curricular designs and instructional opportunities for the modern learner.

What Are Learning Sets ?

Learning Sets are an invitational  approach to modern learning design   manageable, compelling, and actionable. While we originally developed this template for students, we saw an immediate application to reimagine professional development experiences. Each learning set has an inherent storyline and is laid out in episodes with targeted actions to engage, examine, & demonstrate with corresponding tools, tasks, and resources.  The deliberate use of iconography, ease of navigation, and a downloadable companion guide support the learner throughout the learning set.


What's Inside of a Learning Set?

Discounted Pricing When Purchasing Multiple Sets!

  • $99.00

    The Learning Reset Bundle

    The Bundle Includes 2 of our most popular Learning Sets.

    In an effort to share best practices and our approach toward post pandemic norms, we have combined two complete sets at a discounted price.

    You will receive:

    1. How to make Deliberate Curricular Choices Post-Pandemic
    2. How to Make Strategic Structural Choices Post-Pandemic



    The Learning Reset Bundle
  • $67.00

    How to Design Manageable Instructional Plans

    This learning set focuses on designing a clear, compelling, and deliberate approach to frame an instructional storyline. The goal is to create instructional opportunities to promote learner engagement  in a format that will save teachers time

    How to Design Manageable Instructional Plans
  • $67.00

    How to Engage Students in Feedback Interactions

    This learning set uses the internationally recognized  Habits of Mind framework to develop specific dispositions raising the quality and frequency of teacher-student interactions.  Whether in spoken or written communications, teachers will be provided specific strategies that help students improve their work and relationships.

    How to Engage Students in Feedback Interactions

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